About Us

Turbostart is for the founder. We realise the hidden and obvious potential of the Indian entrepreneur and are on a mission to make their lives easy. Turbostart brings the ecosystem to the founder rather than the founder having to knock on doors.

The larger vision of the programme is to be an agile and transformative force for entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas, creating value for all. We aim to consolidate India’s startup ecosystem to create synergies and to put the country’s best entrepreneurs under the spotlight.

Turbostart is for today’s entrepreneur.
Created by visionary industry veterans

Turbostart is the brainchild of business veterans who understand the challenges of starting up and more importantly, scaling up. The programme is designed to help the founder navigate through market complexities and anything else that occupies considerable mind space.

The programme operates flexibly, which means that founders can just focus on building on their ideas while the Turbostart team works with them. No travel is required unless absolutely necessary. The vision is for startups to regard the Turbostart teams as an extension of their own, where experts onboard will be closely involved to work on growth and scalability opportunities.