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Anjana Hariharan

Manager – Operations and HR


Anjana Hariharan is a motivated individual with a background in Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Development and Human Resources.

Fresh out of college, Anjana joined Tesco as an Accounts Executive for a brief period. During this time, she was interested in working directly with clients and having a career that was more interpersonal in nature.

Anjana went on to join PwC’s Mergers and Acquisitions Team where she was able to incorporate technical work with her passion for human resource and communication. Her assignments were primarily in the development of Family Business and Succession Planning, where she had to work with clients to identify their problems, and then create viable solutions to present.

Parallel to that, their in house start up program – LevelNXT – piqued her interest. Anjana was a key team member here, where she managed the entire program and went on to connect the same startups with industry experts after the event concluded. This positive experience made Anjana want to continue to work specifically in the start-up industry.

At Turbostart, Anjana is the Manager of Human Resources and Operations. She looks forward to helping more startups and building a stronger ecosystem for them with the rest of the team.

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