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Arun Bellary

Senior Advisor and CTO

Arun Bellary is a well established entrepreneur with extensive senior management experience at major MNCs and cutting edge technology start ups.

Prior to his ascent in the technological world, Bellary was studying bio-medical engineering. It was at that time when a professor detected his unlimited potential in the fields of math and physics and encouraged him to pursue computers and communication domains. Freshly motivated, Bellary applied to universities abroad and was one of a handful to be selected. He studied at SMU and Princeton University before joining Bell Laboratories in 1984 as a R&D scientist.

From there, his path was laden with prestigious achievements. Bellary went on to chair the T1 Telecom Standards T1M1 Committee from 1985-87 and was a member of T1AG/FCC, USA which set Telecom and Internet standards in the country. He holds three patents, has published many technical papers and has received numerous awards such as “CEO of the Month” by Telecom Week in 2003 and “Best Start-Up to Succeed” for Metro-Optix by the Red Herring/Wall Street Journal. His MNC positions have been with AT&T, Fujitsu, Pirelli and Ericsson where he headed the Access Products Division, Stockholm, Sweden with $2.1 Billion P&L under him. Apart from this, Bellary ventures in philanthropic work and is a trustee of KSV School which helps provide free education to economically backward class children.

His return to India was fueled by the desire to help improve the growth of start-ups within the country. Bellary saw the struggles that mid-sized companies faced when attempting to expand into the Indian market, and worked to help navigate them through such issues. PMC-Sierra, USA was one such company whose growth was due to his ability to build it from nothing to one with over 650 employees within a two year period. He was also involved in start-ups like Optilink, Metro-OptiX and Asarva Chips.

Bellary aims to help innovators in taking charge of the process of product development, assessing the market domain from the foundation to the production and sales, instead of solely focusing on technology development. His experience and ability to transform simple ideas into well executed strategies are what will make him an asset at TurboStart.

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