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Ashok Vohra is an established polymath who has extensive career experience in nuclear science, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship going back over 45 years.

After graduating with a B.SC Honors in Mechanical Engineering in England, Vohra started his career as a nuclear scientist at British Nuclear Fuels. 9 years later he received an opportunity from IBM to make a career shift to Large Account Marketing. Upon taking that offer, he found that selling was his natural talent. In 1989, when IBM set out to enter the Indian market, they requested Vohra to relocate to Singapore and lead their strategic sales division.

During this period, Vohra identified the difficulties faced by companies trying to enter the Indian market. From complex taxation policies to a lack of government assistance – these obstacles created a hostile environment – preventing anyone from exploring their viabilities here. These experiences across the UK, Singapore and India inspired him to create a safe haven for companies to enter India and test the waters.

Vohra took a leap and made his next career change towards entrepreneurship by instituting a Systems Integration company with offices across Asia. He went on to establish and operate India’s first co-working spaces, as well as incubation facilities for foreign companies. Since there was a lot of commonality between the issues faced by the foreign companies entering India that emerging startups also faced, Vohra opened a specialist cell on developing Bio and Agro Tech. This allowed for startups in that sector to focus on R&D while Vohra did what he did best Рsell. Armed with knowledge on what investors and customers were looking for, he opened the doors for these startups to enter the commercial environment as an attractive entity.

With his interest in the Indian Innovation Ecosystem and comprehensive knowledge in the Bio and Agro-Tech space, Vohra will be an Expert Advisor at Turbostart. He has previously invested in and advised several early and mid-stage startups. The expertise he brings to the table will propel the startup market to a higher rate of success.

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