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G S Krishnan

Principal Advisor

G.S. Krishnan is a seasoned thought leader in the Industrial Bio-Tech Sector with substantial knowledge and experience in management and leadership roles spanning over 35 years.

Initially, science was a topic that fuelled his interest. At the time, biotechnology and its counterparts were still in their nascent stages. He pivoted from that field and chose to take on roles that were geared towards marketing and sales. This led to his 27-year tenure at Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd, where he was engaged as the Managing Director and Regional President. Krishnan successfully spearheaded the expansion and evolution of the organization through strategic acquisitions, constant business growth, and the establishment of R&D facilities to support local and global innovation.

Meanwhile, as Krishnan’s career developed, advancements were being made in the biotech sphere. Reignited by his passion for biotechnology and the growing need for solutions to face climate change, his focus shifted towards the Industrial Bio-Tech sector. Here, he contributed towards policy advocacy and propagated the importance of biotechnological solutions as a viable alternative to protect the environment – specifically in the areas of water conservation, effluent treatment, handling agricultural residues and MSW. His focus lay on revolutionizing the Food, Bio-Agriculture and Bio-Energy businesses in India, which in turn would produce more job opportunities and promote rural development.

Krishnan furthered this cause by encouraging India’s youth to pursue higher studies in the field of biotechnology. His “voice for BT” initiative was aimed at recognizing and attracting talent at the undergraduate level. We allow for more talent to enter the Indian market when creating a supportive environment that develops this generation. Currently, he is engaged as an Independent Director, Consultant and Leadership Mentor across the Industrial segments.

As the Principal Advisor at Turbostart, Krishnan ultimately aspires to help startups by addressing their challenges and cultivating an ecosystem where they have access to the resources they require to succeed.

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