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Prasad Nair

Head – Strategic Business Development


Prasad Nair is a well-established leader in business development with over 21 years of experience. He possesses a strong background in planning and strategy implementation as seen by his contributions to The Boston Consulting Group, Novozymes, and Iosynth Labs.

Nair graduated from NIT with an Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication. At the start of his career, he specialized in Web Security – where he led teams in Product Development for Gartner’s 2004 “Most Visionary Product” in the firewall market.

In 2005, Nair joined The Boston Consulting Group as a Consultant where he was engaged in pre-merger integrations, sales force improvement, threat assessment and corporate strategy. This period is what launched his career in business development. His passion stemmed from a desire to deeply understand everything, right from Sales & Marketing to Innovation, Technology, Networking, and Strategy, just to name a few.

Upon his return to India, Nair started at Novozymes A/S where he was able to do just that, as the Head of Business Development – South Asia. After his time at Novozymes, Nair went on to become the Founder and Director of Iosynth Labs. Within just 2 years, he established a 14 member team and garnered a customer base and supplier chain on a global level, and received innovation grants from the Government of India.

Nair possesses broad leadership skills that motivate others across domains, functions and teams. He’s an expert in transforming new ideas through clear strategies and planning. As the Head of Strategic Business Development at Turbostart, his experiences make him a key asset in transforming ideas into a strong foundation for innovation.

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