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Rama Subramaniam

Chief Strategy Mentor


A pioneer in the promotion of Frugal Innovation among start-ups, Rama Subramaniam has spent more than three decades working in the fields of IT, Integrated Space of Pharma, BioTech & HealthCare and Health Insurance across India, USA, Europe and Japan.

Over the course of his career, Subramaniam could only be described as a serial entrepreneur. Inspired deeply by his grandfather and his penchant for business, Subramaniam was extensively taught about capital markets, investment strategies and lessons for entrepreneurial success. These lessons were the guidelines he applied while pursuing any ventures.

He is the Founder and Director of BlueSky Angels and e-Health Technology Business Incubator which brought 120 startups under his mentorship. Their technologies have had direct applications in Education, Healthcare, Bio-Technology, Energy Response, Disaster Response, Robotics, Aerospace, Hospitality and more. His interest in innovation and entrepreneurship led to the creation of BlueSky Angels, specifically focused on Frugal Innovation.

Subramaniam’s work has allowed him to forge multiple relationships with both Center and State Governments, Departments of Science & Technology, Departments of Scientific and Industrial Research, Banks and Financial Institutions and the Technology Development Board.

Apart from his success in entrepreneurship, Subramaniam and his wife created the Sushil Swabhiman Trust with the aim to resettle over 800,000 ex-servicemen in their assimilation to civilian life within the next 3-5 years.

As the Chief Strategy Mentor at TurboStart, his networks and background as a serial entrepreneur provides the skillset required to create a well-connected startup ecosystem.

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