Venture capitalists – Here’s all about the big guns of funding

To go big and to get there quick, go to a VC!  In the beautiful world of startups, there’s one name that’s usually uttered in hushed, almost revered tones. Venture capitalist! This is because VCs are the key to success for many startups that dream big and want to do...

Business management – Why do startups face management challenges?

A great number of startups fail within the first 5 years and an incredibly common reason behind this is poor management.  Bad management weakens the foundation of a startup, and soon enough, things start collapsing. In fact, most of the other reasons, such as business...

Looking for startup funding? Here are the options you can explore

Bengaluru’s education platform raises $25 million in the latest round. (Economic Times) Bike taxi startup Rapido closes its Series B funding at $54.9 million (INC42) Cab aggregator, Ola, raises $5.05 million is Series J funding (INC42) Every day the startup world is...

Angel investors: Are they really the angels our world needs?

Hello, Google! Not many of us can make it through the day without using But, did you know that this genius idea was initially funded by an angel investor? Uber and WhatsApp had the blessings (and funding) of angels, as well. Who are angel investors?...

Great ideas. Not-so-great execution. What’s going wrong with Indian start-ups?

~90% of start-ups fail due to lack of innovation (Forbes, 2016)* 1503 Indian start-ups have shut down since 2015 (MoneyControl and Forbes) ~90% of Indian start-ups fail within the first 5 years (Forbes and News18) ~60% of Indian start-ups fail because of disagreement...



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InnovationQore launches Turbostart programme to fund 100 startups in next 5 years

InnovationQore to fund 20 early-stage startups in a year

InnovationQore plans to fund 10 start-ups

InnovationQore invites start-ups to register for Season 1 of Turbostart

InnovationQore’s Turbostart Invites Applications From Startups For Its First Cohort

InnovationQore plans to fund 10 start-ups

InnovationQore launches program Turbostart to fund 100 startups in India

InnovationQore to fund ten start-ups every 6 months